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Not your writing (although that’s a good idea), but your line length.

Write short, write lean, and write clearly, so you don’t have to waste words explaining what you’ve just written.

It's been well loved since then, serving its second owner well, who recently traded it in here at The Brass Ark to get something newer.

So again, for the second time in my life, I offer my original professional trombone for sale.

The bell is so thin and responsive, it practically plays itself. This is a Gary Greenhoe Custom Bach style trombone, made by Greenhoe in Wisconsin (Not a new Schilke version).

With the extra 25% off offered today, it comes down to 27.Finished in 24k gold plate with a commemorative engraving and case. Medium weight bell, hybrid traditional F attachment with a free blowing standard rotary valve.It makes a sweet and warm sound with a nice color and clarity to the overall feel of this trombone. 00 These double euphoniums always are an attention getter.You want readers to be absorbing what you wrote, understanding your message, and reading comfortably as well. Set your page layout so that it’s not full width, or if you need that full width, keep sentences short and use plenty of paragraph breaks. Not only will you capture better reader interest by doing so, but you’ll improve your readers’ ability to remember what you’ve written.100 characters per line is optimal for speed — but about 45 characters is best for reader comfort. It’s said that people can process 7 bits of information (more or less) at a time. We tend to chunk information into groups of three, and recall those triads more easily.

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