Sungmin dating

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Leeteuk lost his father in early January, and Sungmin first brought up his plans to get married around five months later to the other members of Super Junior. Rumour 4: After announcing his plans to get married, Sungmin did not fully commit to Super Junior’s group activities.Rumours surfaced that instead of focusing on rehearsing and preparing for Super Junior’s Japanese tour, Sungmin went on public dates with Kim Sa Eun.Explanation: The argument against this is that the idol never blocked Korean fans from his blog and he doesn’t even know how to blacklist words from his blog.He simply deleted a few malicious comments that happened to be written by Korean fans.It was a pretty hectic news day when the rumors first surfaced including the inevitable is “checking on it” with Sungmin while Kim Sa Eun’s agency actually denied it at first.Eventually Sungmin capped all the back-and-forth by releasing a letter to his fans confirming the upcoming wedding, explaining that he met a wonderful woman he wants to spend his life with, and asking for his fans understanding and support.

SM Entertainment has just confirmed that Super Junior member Sungmin is indeed in a relationship with musical actress Kim Saeun.

There were also rumours claiming that he set his wedding date on the same day that he first met Kim Sa Eun, despite conflicting concert dates.

Explanation: Sungmin has never skipped a rehearsal or missed a concert because of his wedding plans.

I’m sure the preferred choice for beleaguered SME is for the status quo on all its idol groups, guys and girls, but Sungmin getting married probably ranks pretty low on the scale of the ticking time bomb of “what shocker is next from K-ent”.

Congrats to Sung Min and Kim Sa Eun, but please never ever bring back the Mamacita-era hairstyle ever again.

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