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The Statute Under Review Under the law in effect at the time of defendant's conviction, it was a felony for anyone to give away "any drug, medicine, instrument or article whatever for the prevention of conception." Mass. The law did not prohibit the use of contraceptives by single persons, only their distribution to singles. To protect their rights, it was appropriate to recognize defendant's third party standing. Accordingly, single persons "are not themselves subject to prosecution and, to that extent, are denied a forum in which to assert their own rights." , 405 U. Having disposed of the standing issue, Justice Brennan turned to the merits of the case, to wit, whether there was a reasonable basis to distinguish between married and single persons in the availability of contraceptives. Moreover, he rejected the notion that the law could be upheld as a means of preventing premarital sexual relations. 1.) Leaving Vienna Südbahnhof going to Neusiedl am See (change trains in Neusiedl), then to Eisenstadt 2.) Leaving Vienna Südbahnhof going to Wulkaprodersdorf (change trains), then to Eisenstadt There are trains leaving every hour that go to Sopron via Wulkaprodersdorf - the trip takes about one hour.Regional bus 566 leaving Vienna Südtirolerplatz going to Eisenstadt (and Mörbisch) Duration of the trip approx. 1hour Information T 43 (0) 810/222324 Mobilitätszentrale Burgenland T 43 (0) 2682/21070 at Eisenstadt - Vienna: 57 km Eisenstadt - Vienna Internation Airport (VIE) Schwechat: 65 km Eisenstadt - Graz: 174 km Eisenstadt - Budapest: 242 km Eisenstadt - Bratislava: 69 km Eisenstadt - Sopron: 26 km Eisenstadt - Forchtenstein: 23 km Eisenstadt - Güssing: 139 km Eisenstadt - Heiligenbrunn: 122 km Eisenstadt - Jennersdorf: 157 km Eisenstadt - Mörbisch/See: 19 km Eisenstadt - Neusiedl am See: 31 km Eisenstadt - Oberpullendorf: 48 km Eisenstadt - Rust: 14 km Eisenstadt - Rohrau: 44 km Eisenstadt - Wiener Neustadt: 30 km For more detailed information call: 01/71199/1444 or 01/71199/6700 Chargeable short-term parking zone: Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm, Saturday 8 am - 12 am Parking fees EUR 0,60 per 1/2 hour; max 3 hrs.

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From 2009-2012 Eisenstadt served as chair of the Department of Government, has been the Doctoral Program Director there, and is presently vice chair of the Faculty Senate (2015-16).

Cap off the adventure with a soak in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Fly overnight to Reykjavík and take a guided tour of the old town, including the imposing and modern Hallgrímskirkja church.

Matt’s practice is focused on commercial real estate and real estate related transactions with primary emphasis on commercial lease negotiations and drafting.

He also deals with other commercial real estate transactions, including sales and acquisitions, the preparation of governing documents for common interest developments and confidentiality agreements. Eisenstadt’s practice involves all aspects of commercial leasing including office, retail, industrial and mixed use projects, from small scale projects (single tenant buildings) to regional shopping centers and office towers.

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