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She believes polyamory is a solution for couples who want to romantically or sexually explore others without cheating or lying.

A polyamorous relationship thrives on the foundation of trust.

Relationships are evolving and challenging the cultural constructs of monogamy.

Cinderella 2.0, as I like to call her, has many options as she waits for Prince Charming — with a possible prince or princess on the side.

This should not be viewed as immoral or wrong, since it is up to both partners to come up with a way of allowing each other to get the amount and variety of sex they desire.

Walfish believes on a temporary basis it can “free up an inhibited partner, and offer new positions for someone who is stuck on only one or two.”“It can add spice and excitement on a temporary basis,” she said.

Messina saw room to improve the way society approaches modern relationships and figured non-monogamy could be a practical solution. S., according to the American Psychological Association, it’s no secret people have difficulty maintaining monogamous relationships.

Dedeker Winston, an alternative relationship expert in Southern California, who runs a Multiamory blog and podcast on open relationships, has been an active member of the polyamorous community for the last five years.

A 2010 study published in the journal found couples who have more positive communication styles also tend to heal faster when it comes to certain ailments.In 2006, Trask estimated that there are 2,000 polys in the San Francisco Bay area. A child of divorce and an aspiring designer-entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, he admits he became suspicious of marriage.“Out here, we're data-positive and solution-oriented and if your product (i.e.marriage) is failing for 50 percent of your customers, then you need to fix it or offer something better,” he wrote for CNN Money.Polyamorous couples view love not as a finite, but as an infinite resource that allows them to nourish themselves with many sources.“Love is a special attitude with behavioral and emotional components, and yes it is possible to feel that with multiple people at the same time,” Dr.Justine Shuey, a sexologist and sexuality educator in Philadelphia, Pa., told in an email.

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