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She had stopped screaming but was still in tears and looked in agony. David.shouldn’t have done this.” “We totally should…look at you, you just look gorgeous, I’m surprised you’re still a virgin” “You liked to see me in pain didn’t you?I groped her breasts as I came into her bleeding pussy. She wasn’t moving and I can tell she has passed out. You saw me screaming and crying and didn’t give a fuck.” “I couldn’t stop when I was in the middle of it, plus I’m sure you’re wide enough now and wouldn’t feel so much pain if we tried again.” And at that, she put her arms around me, kissed me, and whispered in my ears: “Let’s do it again”.She stopped screaming and told me to aim it for her tits and her body, but it was too late.I had already unpacked my load inside her and as soon as I took my cock out of her, my sperms were dripping from her pussy. ” “It was painful, but I’m starting to like it.” I lay her on the bed and we kissed for what must have been hours, I fingered her a few times too.He always looked like he had just walked out of a Abercrombie and Fitch catalog with his strong jawline and ruggedly handsome looks.His nose and cheeks were littered with freckles that he had inherited from his father but a majority of his looks came from his mother's side. I saw tears streaming down her cheeks as she faintly told me to go slower and not use my whole hand.I went back to using my thumb only, though with the same speed.

I kept pounding her until she started squealing in pain and told me to slow down, which I didn’t.

The first night, I went up to her room to see what she was doing.

As I approached, I can hear sounds of sexual moans, and as I peeped from the little opening in her door, I saw her masturbating with a baseball bat. My cock got really hard and I started masturbating.

I used to get feverish every time I saw her in swimming clothes, I even masturbated a few times fantasizing about her.

She was about 1.2m tall, and her breasts were a mildly developed B cup, and she was more of a goddess for a girl that young back then, as she is now.

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