Mommas boy dating show

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Like I mentioned in the first recap, it really seems like his mother wants to bed him.

With how much they mentioned this episode, along with showing covers, I wondered if there wasn’t some sort of odd marketing deal going on. A hell of a lot of guys know what she looks like naked.” It was probably the latter, as he was more concerned than Lorraine (his mom), about Erica’s past. ” While Erica’s nude work did her in, she gained a friend in Lorraine, which I was happy for. But mostly, how much of of the show was completely staged?Yes, I know most reality TV has a planned out story line and the producers know how they want things to turn out, but this show was a bit too perfect.I kinda hope it never returns because I don’t like hating moms. Mama's Boy is an American sitcom that aired from September 19, 1987 until August 6, 1988.

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