Insufficient key column information for updating and refreshing

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While you develop your application locally, the application can authenticate using an environment variable or the Google Cloud SDK.

When your application runs on an instance, it can authenticate using the service account that has been enabled on the instance.

I have Accounting software which is prepared in VB, SQL server. Click on Open table, and then click on Return All Rows. Highlight the rows, and then press the Delete button.

You can request new tokens as frequently as you like, but your applications must have a valid access token for their API calls to succeed.

# Authentication is provided by application default credentials.

# When running locally, these are available after running # `gcloud auth application-default login`.

This example uses the Python Client Library to authenticate and make a request to the Cloud Storage API to list the buckets in a project.

The example uses the following procedure: import argparse import googleapiclient.discovery def create_service(): # Construct the service object for interacting with the Cloud Storage API - # the 'storage' service, at version 'v1'.

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