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The LPA also frowns on the use of the word midget in the name of the sport—claiming that it is as offensive as a racial slur.

Wrestlers, however, do not always feel the same way.

A midget professional wrestler is a dwarf or person of short stature who competes in professional wrestling.

The World Wrestling Federation featured several midget wrestlers on their cards in the 1980s.

The midget professional wrestlers had many gimmicks to attract audiences and revenue.

One of Sky Low Low's gimmicks was an open challenge to any other midget professional wrestlers to beat him in a two out of three falls match for 0.

By the mid-2000s in the United States, midget divisions were once again being featured in major wrestling promotions, and wrestlers such as World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the WWF)'s Hornswoggle were competing for and winning championships made for average-size male wrestlers.

The Little People of America (LPA) have criticized midget wrestling as reinforcing stereotypes that little people are no more than entertainment.

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