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CSExport is a MS provided tool in FIM Sync and AAD Sync that allows the export of connector space object data. In Part 1 we’ll explore the basics of how to get started with this method.That data can then be used to pause, stop or continue a sync cycle (and notify) based on business rules. Part 2 will explore advanced logic within a Power Shell script.

Things that keep me from revisiting sites, or even waiting for them to finish loading, are those that seem to use the latest gizmos just because they grabbed the code or designed something with it, busy backgrounds, excessive use of bars, banners, animated or The following sites are ones I found interesting.Here we are exclusively focused on the Active Directory MA.the option: /f:x instructs csexport to only include pending exports.The example script is commented out so you can run it and get results from the sample xml file.Save the script and the xml file in c:temp and execute the script to see the output. Food Topics ADMA-2015-11-05-20-22-18Sample FIMValidation.ps1 The Fun Part – Getting Started If you want to use this script in your environment, beyond the sample provided, you’ll need to customize this to run in your FIM …Bin directory and include the name of your desired MA.

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