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Once you've groveled sufficiently and let him vent for a bit, he should be prepared to forgive you. He gets a kick out of your chocolate-is-a-food-group approach to nutrition and thinks it's funny you call your best friend to watch reality TV "together." Kudos to the man who recognizes eccentricities for what they are: the stuff that makes you deliciously you.19 Half of the housework. "Leaving the toilet seat up or spending the weekend in boxers can be an act of rebellion," says Samuel, 27.

That's right, all you cohabitors, half the dishes, half the laundry, and half—OK, maybe all—the garbage-schlepping.20 Respect. Guys need to keep in touch with adventure—why else would be a Ti Vo staple?

If it's not integral to your relationship, don't feel threatened. This may mean a trip to the bar or an Ultimate Fighting Championship—but it's definitely without you, and that's OK. And by all means, hop on Brad Pitt if you ever get the chance.5. And you can save your "maybe next year" optimism; just give us time alone to weep.6. Sometimes all you really want to do is vent to us about something. " and we say, "Fine," instead of Give us a break: We're trying.8. We like to hear laughter—preferably following one of our silly jokes.

But if you’re boyfriend or the guy you’re seeing is consistently saying things like “you’re too good for me,” or “you don’t want to be with me,” than they’re probably speaking more truth than you realize.

Sylvie, 31, confesses: "I insisted one boyfriend change his online profile from single' to in a relationship.' An electronic betrayal can hurt as much as a real one."9 Proud PR.

He revels in your achievements, doesn't feel diminished by them, and loves acting as your personal publicist.10 Use of his "inside voice" during arguments.

But like all things, the lovey-dovey phase comes to an end and all that cute nonsense you’ve been saying is put to the test.

While some of it's still sweet, some of the cute things your boo says might actually be a sign of something wrong.

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